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    Post  Icarit on Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:47 am

    Welcome to Reign.

    First and foremost, the officers have an equal say and share in our leadership. You will not get special treatment based on officer tag or standing with said officer. We are responsible for keeping the ship righted, and all are responsible for keeping it afloat. The officer group is a three headed dragon including the following:


    Given that, all the officers ask for is enough decency and respect to keep communications open. You don't have to like us, or get along with us, but please be as honest as you can to keep the communication open.

    Guild Chat Conduct:

    There will be no racial or demeaning comments towards anyone. This is not going to be tolerated under any circumstance. No racial slurs, no ethnic slurs, and preferably no religious slurs. Keep your yap shut and your comments to yourself in regards to anything like this, or might refer to this.

    There is no PG-13 rule here. Keep this in mind if you wish to get a friend in that may be sensitive to any mature material.

    Now, with that said, if things get out of hand, and an officer says to back the off or take it to private. Do so. This is not an option open for discussion. You may be asked to join vent to have the problem mediated. Again, this is not an option. Drama will always rear its ugly head. Your officers are assholes enough to step on it or beat it death with a big stick. Easy enough.

    If someone asks you for help. This is entirely up to you, and we'd like to keep the "I can't get help" comments to a minimum. Learn to use LFG, shouts, begging in private, whatever utilities you have to you advantage. Generally people will help when they have time, but it is their time, and as such do not expect to recieve help on your schedule.

    There is no three strike and you're out rule here. You mess up, you get told, we all move on. If you can't handle it, the door is in the same place it was when you joined. Godspeed, and good luck. No hard feelings, unless you insult someone in a way where it offends at least most of us.

    Trade Chat Conduct:

    Simple and easy. Don't be an ass. Buy, sell, trade, pimp your professions, this is entirely up to you. Start or be involved in drama or problems in trade chat, and we'll have problems. Swift and appropriate action will be taken.

    Raid Conduct:

    Prepare: A general rule here is to know what to expect. Links to strats to read and videos to watch will be provided. However we do not want people to get used to only doing things the way X guild does them. We probably will do some fights on the fly figuring them out for ourselves. Ventrilo will be required, and you must be logged in and on your main at least 10 minutes ahead of time if you are able. Time doesn't always allow you to do this, but it will be really appreciated.

    Consumables: This is entirely on you to make sure you are flasked and food buffed. The Guild will do its best to provide what it can, but do not expect this. If you are not fully buffed during raids you will be flagged for not being ready for raiding and if this is a consistent problem, you will be sat from raiding.

    Ventrilo: If you don't need to talk during a raid, please don't. Questions can and should be asked in downtime, between boss pulls, or while strategy is being discussed with the raid group. As we progress, we will identify callers and announcers. These may not be officers. If you are asked, you have the right to decline, and we will find someone else to do so. This requires help from the guild as well, and may be a raiding expectation of some.

    Loot: Loot will be distributed by a turn based system. Normal and Hardmode Loot will have separate systems. If its an upgrade, we want bids.

    Strat: While we do care about your opinions, we don't care about them during the encounter. We will adjust strat on the fly as needed of course, but please keep your comments until the called wipe is done, and raise/recovery is in process. We don't want to hear your opinions while we're still fighting, your insults when you die cause someone else messed up, or even your praise until after the encounter is done. Keep your focus, there is a time and place for discussion. During the encounter is not it, unless it's something important.

    Conduct for nonguild groups:

    Be professional. Do your job in the group, don't ninja shit, keep the bashing to private or guild chat. We'd all like to know about ninjas and people that suck, but lets not flat out tell them. Officers don't want to get dipshits and whiners all night long cause you told some jackass in your 5 man he cant hold aggro from a lvl 1 rabbit in Darnassus.

    Forum Conduct:

    For the WoW forums, please don't go start or be involved drama that will create a negative image of our guild members. We have a good rep on the server and wish to keep it that way.

    For our forums. Douche bag rule applies here too, as well as keeping communication open. Something comes up, let us know. Something interesting, let us know. You got jokes, lets hear them. You wanna post a pic, right on. You wanna flame a guild mate for having an off night or raid, we will stab you in the eye. Problems like that will be for officers to handle. We might ask you to help someone out with spec, gear, gems, rotation, but all in all, to avoid being stabbed good with the hobo's knife, shut your yap and alert an officer in private.

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