New loot policy


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    New loot policy

    Post  Drakten on Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:20 pm

    There has been a proposed change to the loot system. Some people feel DKP is cumbersome and exploitable. Based partly on this concern, a slightly different system will be described. With a new guild formed from the merging of different groups DKP would have be reset anyway. While some with earned DKP might be upset to lose their earned totals, one has to realize that half the new raid core comes in with no DKP and they have been working as long and hard on the encounters we are facing. It is time to start fresh. This brings an opportunity to explore other loot systems, hopefully more balanced and less able to be manipulated.

    So what is being proposed? It is called "Turn-based loot" and it works like this:

    Everyone starts with a blank slate. As loot drops an officer will link all the loot present on the corpse. Then the officer will link each item individually for bid. People will have the opportunity to express thier interest for each item by bidding openly in raid chat with a number value between 1 and 3 while linking the current item you intend to replace. These values have meaning. They translate as follows; 3 = best in slot for main spec, 2 = upgrade for main spec, 1 = offspec item.

    Bids of 3 or 2 will be treated equally. A 3 is meant to imply a significant upgrade which you will not replace until new content is unlocked. By bidding 3 you may find others will pass for you if you are in good standing and have been a key asset in raids. People are not required to do so however. If noone passes bids of 2 and 3 will have first option on the loot, main spec over offspec always. Of the people bidding for main spec upgrade, the individual with the longest time since last loot would automatically recieve the item. This is determined by a date earmarked to your character that states when you last recieved a main spec item upgrade. This date would be kept in character notes in the guild tab. This is for transparency as all will be able to view this eligibility at all times. If there is a tie in eligibility, a roll of 1-100 is made to determine the winner. The new date is recorded for the winner of any main spec item.

    If no main spec interest exists, items will then go to offspec bids of 1. For offspec a simple roll of 1 - 100 is required. No earmarking is done for offspec bidding, however it is on your honor to not be greedy. If you won something recently, let others share the loot. You will want to be viewed as fair for times you bid a 3?

    There are a few last rules to note. You can be flagged for attendance and performance issues at the officers discretion. If you are flagged it will be noted in character notes and you will ineligable for any loot until such time you are deflagged for corrected behavior. Also hard mode loot is treated slightly different. It gets a second date entirely but is otherwise determined by the "hardmode loot date" in the same fashion as other upgrades. Lastly, recruits are not eligible for loot until theyre full members. They bid a 0 (zero) and recieve loot only if it would have been disenchanted.

    Thats it. Easy, streamlined, and pretty darn fair.

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